One of the wonderful things about having a child is that all the latent interests that you have hidden (potentially as uncool) for many years can be expressed, free of shame.

To be fair, trains are pretty cool subjects for photography whether you are an enthusiast (this is the polite term for trainspotter) or not. But with a three year-old fanatic it is easy to be sucked in.

Ok, I admit it. I like trains.

Like most people I am quite seduced by the magic of steam, but I have developed quite a liking for old diesels, and when I have learned a little more about them and started to identify the trains I knew in my youth of of the ones I have taken a liking to is the BR Class 37.

Nicknamed ‘tractors’ due to the sound of their engines, these 100 tonne, 60ft long beasts entered service in 1960, and a few still run today, with many more in preservation.

One of these is at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, where me and my some go regularly for a day out.

Spamcan, was a grumpy and stuck-up diesel in one of the Railway Series books. He was actually based on a Class 46, but is similar enough in appearance that I could tell my 3 year-old son we were going to see him. Dad points in the extreme.

So, here are some railway pictures, I have worked these in a vibrant postcard style and in many cases made us of a 10mm lens to highlight perspective.


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