light night

An event I always try and get to is the annual Night Light in Leeds, where various art installations and projections take over the city.  I was all set to be really organised this year and plot a sensible path through the events, especially as I was without any small child in tow. But the best laid plans and all that, and I got pulled into the night and the pubs with my friend, so things went a little less to plan.

But I still took some good shots, though I didn’t get the tripod down like I had planned, so they are more quick fire, high ISO low light work.

One experience, however, sticks in my mind from this night. In the Henry Moore gallery I was rather rudely, with a tap on the shoulder, stopped from taking a shot. Obviously I shoot with a DSLR, but the room was full of people merrily snapping away on their phones. The normal persecution of serious photographers is rife…

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