summer fêtes

It has been quite a week or two for the run of summer events round here getting into full swing, though I missed Kirkstall festival this year to be at Photocamp, and (shock horror) did not take my camera to the Leeds University Staff Festival.  Over this weekend I have been shooting at the Elliot’s Footprint summer fête in Meanwood; a fundraiser for the charity, which supports parents after the loss of a child.

Though I had a lovely time, I have to say this was one of the most difficult shoots I have done for a long time, as the weather was very ‘summery’ – for round here anyway.  Basically it chucked it down.  Normally my plan for an event like a summer fête would be quite high key images with lots of blue skies and back-lighting, but here I was in dull light with a flash!  Added to the fact I had my 2 year-old assistant in tow it was an interesting experience.

But the day was a great success, and everyone seemed to be having a lovely time, not least my assistant who woke up on Sunday and asked ‘can we go back to the fête?’

Here are a few of my images from the day…

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