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I am normally working on a number of personal photography projects, as well as ad hoc and commissioned work, mostly for events in Leeds.

Saturated Imagery

This is an ongoing long term project using hybrid film/digital photography and other alternative photographic techniques. One major aim, alongside producing the images is finding and using old, often cheap, cameras but rather than just point[ing] an click[ing] actually seeking to understand their attributes, limitations and characteristics to build an online database to help other users gain good results from inexpensive equipment.

Images From the Underground

This project blends my love of electronic and other forms of music with photography, charting the underground clubbing and festival scene in Leeds and further afield. Here I am at the other extreme, working with high-end digital equipment to create images which reproduce the feeling of the clubbing and festival environment through distortion of time and space using irregular perspectives and slow shutter speeds causing visual artifacts such as light trails.

I am available to shoot events as part of this project. Depending on the event, fees are negotiable and may be minimal and on an expenses basis if I think that it will help with this project and I would enjoy the night.

Dance events can be difficult to shoot – often attendees will post blurry and washed out images to social media which does nothing to capture the feel of your event. Similarly getting exciting media shots of DJs and electronic artists can be hard – they don’t jump about as much as guitarists!

I am experienced in this kind of work and produce exciting and vibrant images of your event – getting you the discussion and hits on facebook pages that you need to keep the night in people’s mind and ensure they tell their mates and come again.

Events I have worked with have included Hyde Park Unity Day, Beaverfest, Mush, Sunrise, Remedy, The Beats Bizarre, Lime Tree Festival and Kendal Calling dance tents as well as various gigs around Leeds.

Other Projects

My personal projects tend to focus around human interaction with the environment. I am currently working on a long term project walking and shooting the canals of West Yorkshire. I completed a master of arts degree in social research in 2013 with a thesis entitled ‘Interpreting The Visual’ using researcher produced images for elicitation interviews where my participants built their own stories of the area in which they live based on my images. Thus my photography and writing and research are often interlinked.

Let’s create

i am available for shoots and events, or to produce images to your brief. Remuneration is negotiable and I will often support local projects pro bono or for minimal expenses. My work has featured in Practical Photography Magazine, Mushroom Magazine, The Levellers website, Kirkstall Matters and various other media and webistes for local artists.

I am interested in briefs which align to the image making philosophies and processes which I have outlined above and can work with digital, film, or hybrid techniques.

Get in touch and lets see what we can create…

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