light space leeds opening party

So, I went to a little bit of a shindig last night. Felicity Hoy, with whom I did a bit of collaboration on some flyers a couple (or maybe more) years ago and who is doing great things in Sheffield has been involved with a couple of local photographers opening a new working space in Meanwood, just up the road from me. Being a bit of a nosey parker, and lured with the promise of ice-cream, burritos and Galaxians playing a set I wandered down to see what was going on.

The Burritos and Ice-cream were delicious and Galaxians did not disappoint, and the place was filled with smiling faces having a great time!

The space is top notch, and will bring some good things into Meanwood. It is aimed as a base for creative freelancers and if I was looking to go full time in my creative exploits it would certainly be somewhere I would be pleased to set up and work. It also worked very well as a social venue and I hope they might use the space again in this manner to let people know what they are up to.

As ever, I took my camera down to get some shots. Working without a flash (I see flashguns as a bit like personal bits or political debate, they should not be bought out unless you know in advance they are welcome) pushed me right up to ISO 6400 for some shots, but my 60D has coped admirably and I got some good stuff.

All in all a good night and a good thing for the area. I am not sure if they have spaces left, but any creatives in Leeds looking for a home it wouldn’t harm to get in touch.

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