further adventures in copyright infringement

I am a little torn about whether to post this – I don’t want to create disquiet, or appear like someone who is difficult to work with. But I feel I have to actually protect my rights, and ensure that other people do not run into problems.

After the previous debacle involving the images from the Unite – Rave for Respect charity event I decided to simply remove the images and leave the situation which I though had been resolved.

While I comment on rights and responsibilities that we all share in the industry and woprking on events I don’t like airing dirty laundry.


I noticed a few weeks later that said person had blocked my on Facebook. Having thought this was resolved I decided to look into this, via a contact and the situation below came to my attention.

So, the person concerned has downloaded images from my page. Obscured the watermark (in a manner which I am not sure is inexpert, or a blatant piss-take) and re-uploaded.

I thought about instigating a takedown. Though ultimately decided it was probably of greater value for this to remain visible.

So, I won’t say any more, except beware of working with Audiohazard. You may find a total lack of respect.

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