dirt vs wytm

This was an interesting and challenging night. It’s a new night at Beaverworks, where I often shoot and had the interesting set up of a Metal and Alternative night (with live bands) at the top, and a techno night in the basement.

There is actually a lot of crossover in the people who go to these sort of things and so this made for an interesting shoot, though with three very different arenas I was flicking around the control dial like nobodies business – I used the custom settings on my Canon to register one setup with a high ISO for non-flash work, and then manual and aperture priority to give me a couple of other options.

Some of these have worked better than others, and I still need a bit of practice at non-flash work in challenging settings. I have used the go-to saviour of monochrome for a few shots which had loads of energy, but poor exposure.

See the full set on Images from The Underground


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