It’s been a bit quiet on all my platforms recently – those who know me personally will have some idea of some of the things going on over the last year, and that I have had quite a lot on my plate.

I’ve kept up with some shoots, but actually getting content in places I want it has been slow, and I have felt a bit behind on all my projects.

I am currently making a pretty concerted effort to get things back on track – so this post is just a little update on what’s going on.

I have been churning through a huge backlog of editing for my photography, so expect to see a fair few posts in the near future (though I might backdate a few of these). I am going to set up a pro page, probably with The Image File to get my work into a suitable place to start offering prints and so on. This is a huge task, as there is a lot of sorting, uploading and keywording to do, and I also need to get the Images from The Underground Site up to speed!

I am currently shifting some of my written content onto Google’s ‘Blogger’ platform, to link more closely to my other profiles and the community of writers on the ‘net.

Musically, I have been working on a few new projects – and a quick peek at Soundcloud will show the fruits of that. I am getting reasonably close to an album release, though again, that is my timescales and could be another 12 months or so.

This site will then become the hub of all my activities, linking through with more varied content to all my projects.

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