berlin – new leftfield acid techno from suburban acid stauration

After a bit of a total rearrangement of the house, which has required moving my studio into a new space, I’ve been catching up a little on my musical activities.

For a while I have had a new project brewing of more leftfield experimental techno, entitled Nocturnes. At the moment I am keeping this under the Suburban Acid Saturation name, but this may change. This is the demo (i.e. pre album master) version of my first completed track, entitled Berlin.

I’m not quite sure how to define this track really. It’s a bit trancey, a bit glitchy, a bit acidy. I started with the acid lines which were programmed on some very early soft-synth or other (rebirth, maybe) over 15 years ago, and filed on a mini-disc for later consumption. The name came from playing about with some Berlin style techno loops to fit under this, but it changed a bit past that. The bassline is my Microkorg, put through a Bass Big Muff Pi. The other synth line came from the Korg Monotron Duo, I recorded a good 10 minutes or so of this, and ripped out the best sections, straightening out the timing in Ableton. These were originally for a different tune, but the two tracks morphed together. Finally I added a bit more rhythm from my Electribe Sampler. In fact you could say it is a bit of a Korg-fest…

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