another day; another website

Having built and began to back-populate this site based on some older posts from my other outlets, I thought I would now take the time to explain a little about what is going on, particularly for those who previously saw a gallery of clubbing images hosted on this domain.

Seeing as I spend a certain amount of my time in abject despair about the state of my online presence it might seem a little odd to produce another website.  There is, however, a rationale for this, in that whilst I maintain various projects within my photography and music there is no one place which gathers together my CV, contact details and an umbrella for my creative output.

This site will do that. It’s kind of like a tumblr for people who don’t like tumblr.

This URL previously maintained my ‘Images from the Underground’ project, which I have now moved to its own domain at  My ‘Saturated imagery’ project and the associated site at will continue to focus predominantly on film cameras and alternative photographic processes, and I plan to build up a better portfolio and commerce site for my serious photography work potentially hosted via The Image File.

This site will tie together the core output from these projects, along with the odds and ends of art and design work I do from time to time, and also my music projects, both ‘Suburban Acid Saturation‘ and some new multimedia/soundtrack work I am branching into.

I am hoping ultimately to bring in work in these diverse areas through this site.

Lets get creative!

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