One of the best things about photocamp is the opportunity to share skills and play with new equipment, and also the chance to do some work with models.

This is Amelia – she said that she was relatively new to modelling and it was mostly a hobby for her, but i found her great to work with, especially as this is outside of what I normally do and often get quite shy directing.

I did a few different sets with Amelia, in the amazing surroundings of Sunny Bank Mills.

The set by the green window was shot using natural light to one side, and bouncing my flash off the wall to the other side. the other window shots are purely natural light; I’ve tried a couple of different editing styles on these.

The shots with the gun were an idea I had after another photographer had done some shots in a more moody style asking her to put on a scared aspect – I wanted to reverse this.  These are my favourites.

We then did a few shots outside in front of this wooden board with graffiti, where I used an off camera flash to balance the bright sunlight and light one side.  Finally we used an old goods lift where i used a small amount of on camera flash, but the main light behind to create a bit of a horror movie style.

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