mirrored bthroom


I live and work in Leeds and make a nuisance of my-self around various artistic and music scenes, having been involved in musical projects, club-nights, festivals and promotion.

I regularly shoot at underground music events round Leeds, specialising in nightclub work creating weird and wonderful images of the proceedings.

I studied an MA in Social Research and have carried out various little bits of academic work, focusing on the LS6 area, and maintain a keen interest in both the artistic and philosophical aspects of the photographic image. A large section of my personal photographic work focuses on space and how we use (or abuse) it.

I also explore traditional film photography for creative effects.

I produce electronic music under the primary guide of “suburban Acid Saturation”, and I am re-developing this project after a brief hiatus. I work using computer software and hardware synthesis and sampling techniques, and work with a variety of electric strings (guitar, bass guitar, double bass, viola).

I also produce some limited design and AV work, something which I hope to work more on in the future. I write around these interests and areas of politics, sociology, drug culture, and criminology.