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It’s been a bit quiet on all my platforms recently – those who know me personally will have some idea of some of the things going on over the last year, and that I have had quite a lot on…

rave and respect


What upsets me here is that what has been gained from this? An charity event has lost a set of images which I provided to them pro-bono to help them as a crew and promote the work they did. I will obviously not be shooting their events again, as it seems internal politics have led to a situation where members of the promotional team do not know what other members have agreed, and I don’t really want to be working in that situation. One less club on the list for me, one less photographer on the list for them. The DJ himself has lost the use of the image he wanted to use in the first place and the possibility of some future collaboration. Because of nothing more than a kickback about giving proper credit.

And that helps the music scene how?